Premature ejaculation - why me?

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Premature ejaculation

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Premature ejaculation: why me?

The premature ejaculation  (also sometimes called "PEJ"or "PE" ) is a problem whose origin is often psychosomatic.

This phenomenon makes a man ejaculate earlier than he would desire, uncontrollably orgasm consciously.

There really is no universal definition or medium term for coitus "normal" during sex with his / her partner.

But it is important for any man to be able to keep some control over his ejaculation because it is intimately linked to pleasure and sexual fulfillment.

Generally speaks of premature ejaculation when the man's orgasm occurs before reaching a certain appreciation of the report.

Too soon, the partners may feel frustrated and do not want to live in this sexual status.

Caution, however, the syndrome of premature ejaculation is not a disease in the strict sense. Instead, ejaculation is more a sign of a good operation at the physiological level.
The problem becomes really annoying when it becomes difficult or impossible to control his ejaculation, which can be particularly resented by both partners and strongly affect the sexuality and fulfillment of the couple.

Understand and control premature ejaculation:

We speak in principle premature ejaculation when the man, from his first sex, has difficulty in controlling his excitement and ejaculate much sooner than he will wish, causing total lack of orgasm to her partner.
This is obviously very frustrating and some may experience a real shame ...

Premature ejaculation is revealed when it is repeated systematically, even after many experiences with one or more regular partners.

There is also another form of premature ejaculation so-called "secondary" that can occur in a man as he had never before experienced particular problems to control his ejaculation, which found there suddenly confronted so more or less regular.

The unexpected appearance of premature ejaculation is mostly of psychosomatic origin , after a particular stress or emotional shock.

Fortunately  premature ejaculation can be treated and that it did mostly nothing to do with physiological issues.

Any man who thinks still be in the problem of "premature ejaculation" can learn to regain control of her favorite toy and find a fulfilling sex life fully.

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