How to last longer in bed - Hold without ejaculating

Thursday, January 1, 2015

How to last longer in bed - Hold without ejaculating

Want to learn how to last longer in bed making love? Learn the pleasure of sex without worries. Whether you need to improve your sexual performance or cure your premature ejaculation, here is the solution you are looking for. Master your orgasm and women will always ask for more.

Become a good lover and feel the pleasure of sex

Doing it with a passionate woman is always an exciting experience, but the reality is that to turn a woman and have sex without worries is necessary as you can stand more in bed.
They often need longer to heat (up to 15 minutes!) And if we can not last at least that long'll look bad, and certainly labeled us as bad lovers.
Follow these tips and fixed'll take longer to ejaculate. So you can give a great orgasm your girlfriend, wife, girlfriend or any woman, until it is fully satisfied. Let her raving about your performance in bed.

Control your ejaculation effectively

Method to gradually prolong ejaculation

This method is simple and very effective if you practice daily. It is best done individually even if you partner.

1. Try to be in a quiet place; It is recommended to close the eyes.
2. Begins to masturbate. It is advisable to start slowly but steadily. Also, avoid pornography or other distractions, because you must focus on what you feel.
3. Follow masturbating until you feel you are about to ejaculate and stop (if ejaculated to stop or hold back much it costs, you have to deternerte more advance)
4. You can lower the speed of masturbation as your excitement rises, which will achieve extend your orgasm.
5. Pay attention to your breathing. If you notice that you are very busy, start to breathe slowly and deeply.
6. When you have to stop, take the time to get your excitement without losing the erection. Keep the pressure of your hand against the penis, but not over the glans (penis head)
7. Repeat this exercise several times.
This exercise is important because you will learn the point of no return in which you can not avoid ejaculating. And with the constant practice will achieve extend the time hard to ejaculate.

Masturbate longer

When you masturbate you're actually training your body. This means that if you masturbate and ejaculate within minutes or even seconds when having sex're not going to last longer than that.
It is difficult to accomplish this through sheer force of will and without using proper techniques but, for starters, you can stop masturbating if you have to hurry, because with this just your premature ejaculation worse again.
Then, using the previous year can go by extending the time masturbation. The important thing here is to learn to "reprogram" your mind and body so that you ejaculate faster to sexual stimulation.

What happens when she wants intense sex?

There are times when sex is intense and constant, and it is extremely difficult to maintain control of the situation although you master several techniques for making love.
In simple words, she desperately wants you and only wants you to make him stronger sex until both end up exhausted pleasure. In such cases, masters in the art of controlling orgasm is required, and requires mastering various ways of making love to bring live up to the situation.

Improve your sexual performance and maximizes the pleasure
The above tips will serve you if you're looking to last longer during sex in controlled situations. Now, to potentiate your pleasure and hers, be able to hold sessions of intense sex, or make your girlfriend, wife or any woman has a burning desire to have sex with you, there are advanced methods to become the best lover she has had.   Click here to see the advanced guide
Sex = Happiness
Having a full sex life is important to be happy. We always advise going to a specialist if you have the money, but still we give these alternatives because they all have thousands of dollars to pay for treatment of this type, and live with sexual frustration is unbearable for any man.
If you need an affordable solution, use these tips to make love not miss the opportunity to resolve your problem. Experience how rewarding it is sex without worries. We hope you enjoy this amazing experience like many other men. Good luck friend!


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